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Don’t blink because I have all the exclusives on the major Handball Tournament! A great team is here called Fast and Furious (my favourite because I’m in it) and I’m here to make sure you all the little details and dates for this amazing event.

For those who live under rocks the WHL (aka Woodend Handball League) is an extreme European Handball tournament played by five teams I’ll mainly be focusing on Fast and Furious. This learning opportunity handles a lot of subjects in a fun and unique way. It handles art by designing the look for the banner and uniforms for each team, with math it works it’s way in when you creating your banner by translating and scaling also measurement with the court, english is being covered from weekly blog posts such as this one and we’re obviously covering PE by playing and learning the techniques of european handball. There are also different positions for everyone in the team; general managers, reporters, art directors, coaches, trainers and captains.

Something that is vital for journalists and bloggers like me are conferences. Only a few are going to go public so most of them are private. Since I’m a part of Fast and Furious I get to go to all.

So I’ll be sharing the interview I had with the reporters, this will reveal info about fast and Furious. The colours for Fast and Furious (red and yellow) were chosen by the team and was “we just kept thinking” but I have a feeling the Flash weaseled his way into their thoughts. Another thing revealed in this conference is the teamwork in Fast and Furious. I said we’re a good team but we need to listen to each other more. Finally the question who is the most helpful player in the team. Now besides myself I said Vignesh because he gets back on track when we get distracted. Remember these aren’t all the questions just the important ones.

This is only the beginning of the articles that will start flowing in but if you want all the exclusives look out for more of my posts and I have a feeling Fast and Furious are going to take the tournament by storm.

Why Do People Work In Groups

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Today I’ll be talking about why people work in groups and some of the benefits. Whether it’s a sports team to a study group or SRC (Student Representative Committee).

A group I’m in is my basketball team. The benefits of being on a team are I get better by training and working with a team, I get to make friends and try to win. The benefits for the whole team in general are we all get to work together, we have different strengths, we get to try to win and have fun as a team.

When working in a team you have more of a chance to succeed because everyone have different strengths, you have extra helping hands, you get through faster and there are lots of ideas.

Another upside to being in a group is you get to interact with other people, whether it’s talking about the subject or just a friendly chat as we work. You don’t have to be stuck at home by yourself bored.

An advantage of working in a group is working collaboratively. Someone might know something you didn’t, everyone has different ideas and  perspectives, everyone has potential, your working as a team and everyone can do something and make whatever your doing great.

Well that’s all my thoughts bye for now and look out for more of my posts.👋

Must Do Lesson

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The Must Do Lesson that every teacher MUST do is……….not a lesson that the teacher actually teaches. Okay okay hear me out, the student actually teaches the lesson of their choice. I know what you’re thinking, we can’t let students be in charge it would be chaos but you actually can. If you’re worried that your students will go crazy with power and start being rude keep in mind you will still be partially in charge and still have the power to  stop lesson altogether or just give the student a reminder. Don’t make it seem like you’re in charge though because one of the things that this lesson does is help with the students leadership and confidence skills and if you make it seem like you’re still in charge it won’t have the same effect. Also it’s like an inquiry project because the student will have to learn about the lesson and will have then learned the skill to explain a subject. If you’re worried that the student will choose something inappropriate to teach they will have to check if you can give them a lesson time and if the lesson is appropriate. It will also mean that the class can be productive on their own and that would mean they would be trustworthy.  These are two things every teacher would love to have from their class and can only dream of. Another reason this is a good idea is because it’s just fun for the students because they would get to use the whiteboard, or SmartBoard, or tv if you have any of those and they are in charge which most students like and I guarantee that most of your students will enjoy it. You can also see how the student would like to be teached as they would be teaching in that way them selves.  It’s an enjoyable lesson and I highly recommend it.

Well that’s all my thoughts bye for now and look out for more of my posts 👋.

Sizzling Starts

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A sizzling start is the the start of a text which gets you interested. It has the same job as the blurb except it has more pressure to be good because good books 📖 have good starts so people aren’t bored 😐. Here is an example: Science 🔬 is a waste time. When in my life am I going to need to dissect a frog 🐸. That’s just messed up, digesting and most of all cruel.

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Welcome world 🌎

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I’m Sarah as you already know. This blog will show you my work my thoughts💭 and sometimes some surveys. The reason for the existence of this blog is to teach me about technology📱, online safety🔒 and web design.

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